Verónica Sánchez Carrera

Research activity

_____Research with n´UNDO

_____Thesis / Directed projects

2014 - ... 

PhD | Design and Construction of Ebola Management Centres.

Directed by Dr. Robert Goycoolea. Departamento de Arquitectura. UAH.



ResearchDesign and program of the camps and their evolution over time.

Master in Advanced Architectural Design and City. Directed by Dr Robert Goycoolea. UAH.



TFM | Study livability and practical Wash in the shantytown El Gallinero, Madrid.

Practices at the Institute for Relocation and Social Integration (IRIS) of the Community of Madrid.

Research | Water, sanitation and hygiene, from emergence to the dismantling of refugee camps. Directed by Arch. Arantxa Osés. UAH.



Contest | Basic Habitability: A house in Luanda, playground and pavilion. I selected.

Model of seed low-cost housing. Project selected in the Triennale Architect. Lisbon.



Collaboration | Educational model for improvement and expansion of 19 schools in the region of Guera, Chad.

Developed for ENTRECULTURAS in collaboration with ICHaB.

Development of a model of ground school. Research and development.

______Books and guidelines


Report | MSF Ebola Critical Review. EMC Design and Construction. Stockholm Evaluation Unit. MSF – OCB


Essay | Desde la resta. From subtraction. Ed. Dpr-Barcelona


Guideline | Design and Construction of Ebola Treatment Centres. 

Editors Spanish Red Cross.



Chapter book | Intervention Strategies from the No Build, Minimization, Reuse and dismantle.

Case Study: Los Molinos, Sierra de Madrid. Book: Madrid, central issue.

Autonomy and metropolitan region. Editors Julio Vinuesa and Jose María de la Riva. 

______Publications /  web publications



Post | El urbanismo empieza ahora. Blog Arquia Foundation.

Article | n´UNDO: Strategien der Subtraktion und Nicht-Konstruktion. Goethe Institute.

Post | La nota del PFC. Blog Arquia Foundation.



Post | Los mal llamados colectivos. Blog Arquia Foundation.

Post | ¿Cuánto cuesta un PFC?. Blog Arquia Foundation.

Post | Architecture and Education 3/10. Series # eudarq10. Blog StepienyBarno.



Essay | Atocha: The exoteric propaganda. Digital magazine The Living City.

Post | Babel: the tribute to the masters to the anonymous authorship of the community.Blog Transversal landscape.

Article | Environmental benefits and socio-economic recovery Beach Algarrobico. Digital magazine Eco Park, No. 58.

Article | The adequacy to the medium. Digital magazine transversalities.



Communication | The subtraction as a design process for the enhancement of the landscape and the city. Book EQUIciudad2012.

Communication | The contra form city. Book EQUIciudad2012.

Article |  n'UNDO plan for the Mediterranean. Book BaM2012.

Post | Empty Barley. Blog of Barley’s Field.

Post | Recover old spaces or build new ones. Blog Sound Land and Sustainable.

Essay | Nothing is to build from the waiver. Digital Magazine FronteraD.

Own Academic Blog | Proceso de Proyecto, with Oscar Valero.

______Research group


Member of research group  | COOPUAH: Investigación Aplicada en Cooperación al Desarrollo. Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.




Communication and presentation | The design of refugee camps in humanitarian aid manuals. 3rd International Forum on Science anthropoid areas. School of Architecture, University of Alcalá. 



Presentation | Architect Experience in international cooperation.

Days of Solidarity Week 2012 Zerca y Lejos. Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, UPM. 


Teaching and presentations


Teaching and presentation with n´UNDO


Teaching | New planning and design upgrading tools in Refugee Camps with Professor Gonzalo Sánchez-Terán. Masters International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture. International University of Catalonia.


Teacher | Construction and civil engineering basic materials with Professor Carlos Sarmiento. Postgraduate Certificate Course in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Internacional.UAH Cooperation.


Jury | TFG/PFC juror in the Architecture School of Alicante. 



Presentation | Field experience: Logistic and relief in Kenema and Kono. ERU Training. Red Cross.

Lecture | Ebola and construction. With Professor Gonzalo Sánchez-Terán. Masters International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture. International University of Catalonia.

University courseUniversal. Accessibility University of Architecture UAH. Alcalá de Henares.



Presentation |  Reflection on PFC. CREARQ. University of Architecture, Navarra.

Presentation | Ébola and university. University San Pablo-CEU. Madrid.

Presentation | Refugee Camps With Professor Gonzalo Sánchez-Terán. Alcalá University School of Architecture.

Presentation | Innovative proposals for the future of Madrid. Extra Course. Geography, UAM. House On.


Collaboration | Subject: RED-DAI, directed by Atxu Amann. ETSAM. Polytechnic University of Madrid.



Presentation | A refugee camp from the perspective of water, sanitation and hygiene.

Course in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in International Cooperation. Environmental Sciences, UAH.

Presentation | Subtraction and dismantling. Subject: Technological Innovations, directed by Alberto Alarcón. University of Alcalá.



Presentation | Architects working on International Cooperation. Experience in South Sudan.

ICHaB. School of Architecture of Madrid. Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Presentation | Nicaragua: project in six rural communities. On behalf of Architects Without Borders. ICHaB. School of Architecture of Madrid. Polytechnic University of Madrid.



Workshop | Basic Habitability and Auto-construction ETSASS. With SOUKALA association.

Workshop | Auto-construction ETSAM. With SOUKALA association.

Workshop | Days of Architecture and Cooperation ETSAV. With SOUKALA association.

Presentation | Project to build schools in South Sudan. Course construction with low cost materials. Architecture University of Valencia.



Academy Director | CuatroEscalones. Tutorials and Projects Architecture. With Oscar Valero.



Teaching | Studio 10. Project Analysis and Professor of Architecture.

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